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Latest Game: Rise of the Ravager

Rise of the Ravager, the latest game from Gentleman Squid Studios

A god desires to be reborn, an event that would signal the End of Times. In Rise of the Ravager, seek favor from the Old Ones to prevent his avatar from destroying all. Play alone, or invite up to three friends to blast hordes of enemies utilizing a unique combat system based on color.


We've been asked, "How did you come up with the idea for Rise of the Ravager?" It all started with our prototype game, Squid Defense. We saw something there that we wanted to develop into a more complete experience. Squid Defense

Full of exciting old-school arcade action, a never-ending wave of enemies on a kamikaze mission try to destroy your beloved town. Using your squid defense system, hold out as long as you can against the approaching horde!

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Due to a recent Windows update on July 10, 2013, some computers are experiencing issues with cutscenes only displaying half the video. To correct this, open Windows Update and uninstall: Security Update for Windows 7 (KB2803821). Simply right click and delete it and your video will be fine. We are hoping Microsoft will correct this soon since multiple developers and their games are effected by it.